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Virginia Sorrels
American Indian Heritage Day (AIHD) of Texas

Ambassador to the AIHD Committee

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      I am Lipan Apache of the Tcha Shka Ozhayes. I am honored to be an Ambassador for the American Indian Heritage Day (AIHD) Committee representing the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas.

      The mission of the AIHD Committee is to honor the history, culture, education and social contributions made by American Indians of Texas. Our vision is to promote understanding in the values of and respect for American Indians and to celebrate our American Indian cultures. In order to do this, the AIHD pushed for legislation in Texas which would create a special state holiday, especially to educate the public on the Texas American Indian tribes. In May 2013, through the AIHD committee's efforts and with the support of Texas State Representative Roberto R. Alonzo of Dallas, the Texas House of Representatives passed H.R. Bill 174 designating the last Friday in September as American Indian Heritage Day in Texas. This holiday was celebrated for the first time on September 27, 2013.

      The AIHD committee's focus now is to increase awareness and understanding of American Indian culture and traditions through education. One of our projects is to create an online culture resource. Through this resource and at our events, the AIHD committee hopes to promote the importance of our Tribes' elders. We are also working on school curriculum that will be used to raise awareness of American Indian history and culture among k-12 students in Texas through information on the federal and state recognized tribes of Texas. Though a critical goal of our committee is to educate the general public on American Indians, it is of major importance that we, too, serve the indigenous population within Texas. Therefore, a major component of the AIHD Committee’s work will be to help our statewide American Indian communities with educational resources which assist them in passing on their cultures to future generations.

Virginia Sorrels

Danzho from Lone Star Park,

The American Indian Heritage Day in Texas committee is in the final stages of completing preparations for 2016 AIHD day ceremonies. This is going to be held at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas, on September 24. We invite all Lipan Apache Tribal members to this annual celebration. To learn more about the activities this year, please go to the AIHD website at

Download the this year's flyer and share with other American Indians and schools: AIHD Flyer 2016.

Virginia Sorrels

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