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Kónitsää 'Iyání Gokíyaa
"Lipan Apache Buffalo Country"

And Now There are THREE!!! Welcome, Baby!

          After a lot of hard work by Robert and a small friend-crew in making the proper structures for the Buffalo pens, Nancy as a young female was the first buffalo to inhabit the Farm back in 2009. Then the three-year-old male arrived just after Christmas of 2011. What a pleasant surprise and blessing! When Robert's five-year-old grandson saw him, he said, "That looks like a Buffy," so Buffy became his name.

          From the first time they saw each other, buffalo Nancy and Buffy were in love. Nancy stuck to him like glue, and they walked together like glue. Buffy became very protective of Nancy. If people tried to get too close to her, he made sure he got in front of her. Get too close, beware, he'd charge.

          For years now, Vice-chairman Robert Soto drives every other day the seven miles to check on the two buffalo, Nancy and Buffy, and make sure they are well watered and fed. To his surprise, on April 19th, 2015, standing on its wobbly but strong four feet was a third buffalo—a baby. He knew then that it was time for a ceremony and a song to welcome the new addition to the Buffalo Farm. Welcome, Baby!

          As cute as the pictures on this page may be of the buffalo especially the baby, they are not pets, and we need to respect the warrior spirit in their hearts. The adults will attack. So when people come and see them, visitors are reminded not to get too close since Buffy can be aggressive.

          Of course, with now three buffalo comes triple the responsibility. It takes much as much food to keep them fed and happy and for the mother to produce the needed milk for the baby. Because of the long Texas drought, the price of hay has increased dramatically. The buffalo eat a bale of hay a day, so it takes much money to keep them healthy. Although the Buffalo Farm is the Tribe's responsibility, Robert usually has to cover the cost of feeding, medicine, and land rent for the buffalo out of his own pocket.

          If you would like to help with the project, please let Robert know. He would like to keep a couple of hundred bails bought when the price per bail is reasonable. So, to help us with the buffalo farm project, you can send money to Robert at:

Robert Soto
1913 Camellia Ave
McAllen TX 78501

          This is a tax deductable contribution. Checks can be made out to either McAllen Grace Brethren Church, which helps and has accepted it is an ongoing project, or to the Lipan Apache Tribe of TX. Also, make sure you mark the check "For Buffalo."Donations can also be made online using either paypal or credit card at the Tribe's Donate Now page. Be sure to include a note saying that the donation is for "the Buffalo." If possible, make it a monthly donation. Any amount per month...$5...$10...more or less...is welcomes and helpful.

          Again, make sure you mark your checks "For Buffalo." Robert keeps a careful ledger of every penny that comes in and every penny that is spent for the buffalo. He leases the land for the Buffalo Farm for $150 a month. Special feed and other supplies run at about $80 a month. So currently, it is taking about $390 a month to support this project.

          If you are ever in town and would like to see the buffalo, please give Robert a call at 956-648-9336 or E-mail him at robtsoto@aol.com or robtsoto49@lipanapache.org. If in town, he would be more then glad to take you to see them and maybe take a few pictures near them, but not next to them.

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