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SUPPORT a Lipan Apache owned business! For a listing of Lipan Apache owned trade stores and businesses, visit!

The Tribe honors the memory of Nancy McGown Minor. We will forever be grateful for her selfless dedication and contributions to the Tribe.
A Tribute to
Nancy McGown Minor

Read the Lipan Apache Books by Lipan Historian Nancy Minor& other Recommended books--
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Buffalo Country 22nd Annual STIDA PowWow Tribal Museum/Center Pablo Torres-Lipan Veteran's Society
Bufflo Farm
Lipan Apache Tribe
WINS Eagle Feather Case

   Thank you, Robert, Milo, & Marisa! The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the Lipan Apache Tribe of TX in the case of Grace Brethren Church et al vs. U.S. Attorney General (USDC No.07-CV-60) and U.S. Dept of Interior. On Aug 20, 2014, the court found that the U.S. Dept of Interior does not have authority to prevent members of the Lipan Apache Tribe from using eagle feathers in their religious ceremonies...
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Tribe Invited to June 2014 Apache Alliance

by Maxie Ruan

   The sixth Apache Alliance Summit took place from June 17-19 at the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino on the Tonto Apache Reservation in Payson, AZ. This year’s summit was a special time for our tribe as it was the first time the Lipan Apache Tribe has been invited to attend. Four representatives from our council attended...

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The Tribe's E-Newsletter

Request the Tribe's e-Newsletter and receive up-to-date news on the tribe. Contact Robert Soto at to have your name and email address added to the list.
Nancy Minor
Fed Recogn Committee:
All Members Read This


   With the publication of the summary of our petition for US Gov acknowledgement of our tribe, we take our biggest step forward to date toward this important goal. Ultimate success will take a tribal effort. Please read the petition summary and, for that matter, every forthcoming piece of the petition very carefully. We need your constructive criticism and insight as much as your morale support. We need you to ...
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News from the
Fund-Raising Committee

We are currently working on ideas to help meet some of our tribe’s essential needs. Visit our page and participate in fund raising...raffle tickets, Cafepress more...

Click Here ID Card Orders Update

On ID Card Applications

We are not accepting new ID card applications until we have caught up with the backlog of old applications. Any application postmarked after April 19, 2014, will be returned with all enclosed material and money. We will work hard to fullfil the orders we have. We hope to be accepting card applications again by the end of December 2014.
Center/Museum News
Lipan Apache Tribe Calls
for Historic Designation
of Cemetery in Presidio, TX

   The Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas has petitioned the Texas Historical Commission to designate the cemetery in the section of Presidio known as Barrio de los Lipanes an official antiquities landmark. The otherwise unrecognized and inactive cemetery lies ...
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To Order the
Lipan Apache Tribe's Flag

   The Lipan Apache Tribe's flag is made by TME Co., Inc., in Connecticut. You can now order the flag directly from our Flag maker by ....

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Language Classes in
San Antonio

If enough members are interested, Councilman Rudy Ramirez will be starting a language class in the San Antonio area. Want to learn more? ....
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From Raquel Monday:

I urge all to PLEASE protect your rights to WHAT and with WHOM you share your precious oral history, family photos, and priceless artifacts....DO NOT BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF...

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Member Activities
Virginia Sorrels Reports
on American Indian Heritage Day of Texas

The mission of the AIHD Committee is to honor the history, culture, education and social contributions made by American Indians of Texas. Our vision is to promote understanding in the values of and...

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Lipan Apache Veterans Society

During their participation in World War II, two of our uncles discussed the need to have a veterans' society among the Lipan Apache. For many years the Lipan Apache have fought in many wars, including America's wars.... The mission of the Lipan Apache Veterans' Society is to recognize and honor our Lipan Apache Veterans who served in all of the Armed Forces. Lipan Veterans,....

Join Now Lipan Vets

Schedule of 2015 General Council Meetings:

  Feb. 7...San Antonio
  May 16...San Antonio
  Aug 8...San Antonio
  Oct. 11....McAllen

   Meetings start at 12 noon. McAllen meetings will be at the Native Cultural Center, 2601 Buddy Owens Blvd, McAllen, TX.

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    Buffalo Country

ND NOW, THERE ARE TWO! Yes, we now have our second buffalo. Read more about our tribe's "Lipan Apache Buffalo Country" ...

The Tribe's linguist, David Gohre, has created a website that is dedicated to the revitalization of the Lipan Apache Language. Read about the History of the Lipan language and learn a few basic words and phrases... Learn More

    Contact Info Updates
To Report a Change of Contact Information:

It is important that our members' contact information is up-to-date. If your name, E-mail, home address, or phone number changes; notify us by emailing your new information to You may also call our Office phone number. Leave a call back phone number should you have to leave a message. Also, whether using email or phone, please identify yourself by using your full name and member ID number.


We have closed accepting new application for the member Identification Card until the McAllen Office is caught up with a backlog of card applications.
On membership enrollment: ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED for an indefinite period of time. Please do not request an application.


On March 18, 2009, the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas became a state recognized tribe. Learn more about that day....

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