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Lipan Apache History

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The Light Gray People

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SUPPORT a Lipan Apache owned business! For a listing of Lipan Apache owned trade stores and businesses, visit!

The Tribe honors the memory of Nancy McGown Minor. We will forever be grateful for her selfless dedication and contributions to the Tribe.
A Tribute to
Nancy McGown Minor

Read the Lipan Apache Books by Lipan Historian Nancy Minor& other Recommended books--
Click Here

Buffalo Country 22nd Annual STIDA PowWow Tribal Museum/Center Pablo Torres-Lipan Veteran's Society
Bufflo Farm
Notice: Camp Toyahvale
at Coyote Mountain
Opening Ceremony

The Tribe is helping lead an effort to oppose fracking and the installation of a pipeline in the Big Bend. This effort includes joining the Jumano, Tapaxcolmes, and Carrizo Tribes in operating a camp to inform the public.

Read Notice Camp Toyahvale

Supporting #NoDAPL

The Lipan Apache Tribe stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: Resolution #08-22-16.

Read Resolution Standing Rock Resolution

Read our 2016 update on the Eagle Feather Win! Through this USAToday Opinion piece:

Read Update Eagle Feather Case Win

Eagle Feathers Returned
with Restrictions

by Maxie Ruan

   After nine years of legal
battles, Sotoís 50 eagle feathers were returned to him on March 10, 2015. Lipan Apache Tribe Vice-chair Robert Soto talks about the fight. Read The Lipan Outpost...
Read More Eagle Feathers Returned
Nancy Minor
2017 Pow-Wow Raffle

   Our annual pow-wow will
be on March 11, 2017. We
are now fundraising with raffle tickets for 5 great items: (1) Traditional Woman's Shawl, (2) Rosette Necklace, (3) Beaded Cross, (4) Dream Catcher, and (5) Medicine Wheel.
Download Raffle Tickets & Pow-wow Flyer here

Tribal Council's
Statement on the
Publication of the
The Lost Ones

   We are aware of Michaela MacColl's imminent book,
THE LOST ONES, and want to express our grave concern that, with this story, MacColl is violating our traditional ways by speaking of those who have passed on....
Read More Tribe's Statement

On ID Card

   For information on how to apply for an ID card, please read below on this webpage. Remember, only Members may apply for an ID Card.

To Order the
Lipan Apache Tribe's Flag

   The Lipan Apache Tribe's flag is made by TME Co., Inc., in Connecticut. You can now order the flag directly from our Flag maker by ....
Read More Tribe's Flag Order
Center/Museum News
Lipan Apache Cemetery
Presidio, TX,
Celebration 2-25-17

   The Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas succeeded in designating the Lipan cemetery, Barrio de Los Lipanes, an official landmark by the Texas Historical Commission. On Feb. 25, we celebrated & honored our ancestors at the cemetery with Presidio officials and the public. Read more here...

Read More Lipan Cemetery

From Raquel Monday:

I urge all to PLEASE protect your rights to WHAT and with WHOM you share your precious oral history, family photos, and priceless artifacts....DO NOT BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF...Read "STEPS TO PROTECT YOURSELF"...

Learn More Copyright Protection

The Tribe's E-Newsletter

Request the Tribe's e-Newsletter and receive up-to-date news on the tribe. Email Robert Soto to have your name and email address added to the list.

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Member Activities
Virginia Sorrels Reports
on American Indian Heritage Day of Texas

The mission of the AIHD Committee is to honor the history, culture, education and social contributions made by American Indians of Texas. Our vision is to promote understanding...

Read More AIHD

The Myth of
the Drunken Indian

by Maxie Ruan

   The Drunken Indian. Itís a phrase that conjures up just one of the many stereotypical image of Native Americans: red skins smelling of liquor and stumbling out of the local bar with blood-shot eyes.
This stereotype reflects the idea that Native Americans consume alcohol at higher rates than other races; however, a new study out of the University of Arizona (UA) challenges...
Read More Drunken Indian Myth Article

2017 Tribal Council Meetings & PowWow:

  Feb. 11...San Antonio
  Mar. 11 PowWow, McAllen
  May 13....San Antonio
  Aug. 19...San Antonio
  Dec. 2...San Antonio

   Meetings start at 12 noon. San Antonio meetings will be at home of Lucian Oden, 5118 Lancelot Dr., San Antonio TX. Dates/locations tentative.


On March 18, 2009, the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas became a tribe formerly recognized by the State of Texas legislature, both the Senate and the House. Learn more about that day....

The Tribe's linguist, David Gohre, has created a website that is dedicated to the revitalization of the Lipan Apache Language. Read about the History of the Lipan language and learn a few basic words and phrases... Learn More


Our Proclamation on Sacred Ceremonies clearly states that "We would like to make it known that The Lipan Apache Tribe of TX is not in any way associated with or part of the Lipan Apache Band of TX....

Applying for Membership or Tribal ID Cards

Only tribe members may apply for an ID card. In order to apply, you must have your assigned tribal identification number. To request an ID card application, email your name, ID number, current home address, and phone number to: .
On Membership Enrollment: Enrollment is currently closed for an indefinite period of time. Please do not ask for an enrollment application.

    Contact Info Updates
To Report a Change of Contact Information:

It is important that our members' contact information is up-to-date. If your name, E-mail, home address, or phone number changes; notify us by emailing your new information to . You may also call our Office phone number. Leave a call back phone number should you have to leave a message. Also, whether using email or phone, please identify yourself by using your full name and member ID number.


In 2010, Adriel Arocha and his parents won a significant legal victory which will affect all Native American school children in Texas. Adriel's victory is also a victory for the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas, since it validates the fact that we are a legitimate American Indian tribe with members who practice traditional beliefs. We are very, very proud of Adriel, who stood up for his Lipan heritage and his rights as a Native American....

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