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A Letter from Linda Walking Woman
Director of Education

Dear Tribal Student, Parents, and Guardians,

      Too often, young adults wait until they graduate from high school to make important decision about what to do with their lives. But if students feel that they might want to go to college, they should begin planning during their freshman year of high school. The following is a suggested guideline for students interested in attending college.

Guideline for High School Students

About Financial Assistance for College

      Financial assistance is often available through your choice college or university if your family has a financial need. Most colleges post information on applying for financial aide on their websites. If you have questions about the application, contact the college's Financial Aide office. You might want to make an appointment for a one-on-one session with a financial aide counsellor. It is also very important that you apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or "FAFSA" each year. This is a requirement at most colleges and universities if you are seeking any financial assistance such as scholarships, grants, and loans.

      Regrettably, our Tribe does not have funds that can be used to help students with their college education. It is our hope that someday this will be possible, but none are available at this time. However, below I have listed links to funds available through grants and scholarship for students of State-recognized tribes. These scholarships/grants are highly competitive in that many students apply for the few available. Students must also meet the academic and/or financial qualifications of the scholarship or grant. Having said that, we have had some of our students who have won these scholarships/grants based on their tribal membership and academic qualifications. The application process is often long and might require references, but it is worth the effort if a student qualifies. Remember, not every student who applies is awarded the scholarship/grant.

Scholarships for U.S. American Indian including State-Recognized Tribes

  From the American Indian College Fund (AICF):
  This Funding is NEWLY opened to State-Recognized Tribes!
    American Indian College Fund Full Circle scholarships
     -- Students Attending Non-Tribal Colleges:
     The American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarships are
     awarded to students attending non-tribal colleges. These scholarships
     are funded through our partnerships with corporate and private donors
     and are available to American Indian students attending mainstream
     universities who are pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and professional
     degrees. The American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarships are
     administered by the American Indian College Fund and are generally
     based upon merit or demonstrated financial need.

     To learn how to apply for an AICF scholarship, click here.

  From the Udall Foundation:

    Udall Scholarship
     -- Up to $5000 and 50 honorable mentions of $350 to
     sophomore and junior level college students committed
     to careers related to the environment, tribal public
     policy, or Native American health care. You must be
     nominated by Faculty Rep in your college for this scholarship.
     To Apply, contact you Faculty Rep. "Click Here"
     to find you Faculty Rep. Deadline March 4, 2015 to register
     students for the online application.

  From the Association of American Indain Affairs (AAIA):

  Undergraduate & Graduate

    AAIA: Allogan Slagle Memorial Scholarships
     -- $1,500 ($750 per semester)
     -- 2015 PDF application
        2015-2016 school year applications deadline June 1, 2015!

  From Indian Health Service:
        Applications for 2015-2016 being accepted now.
        Deadline for New Applicants: March 28, 2015
        Deadline for Continuation Applicants: February 28, 2015

    Health Professions Prep Scholarship
     -- Tuition & Fees covered
     -- Read about in Application Handbook
    Health Professions Pre-Grad Scholarship
     -- Tuition & Fees covered
     -- Read about in Application Handbook

  From American Indian Education Foundation
    AIEF Undergraduate Scholarships
     -- Up to $2,000 per year
     -- 2016-2017 Application
        Deadline for 2016-2017 scholarship applications
        will end on April 4th, 2016. Completed applications
        received before March 1st will earn you one additional
        point on your score!

    AIEF Graduate Scholarship
     -- $1000 to $2000 per scholarship
     -- 2016-2017 Application
        Deadline for 2016-2017 scholarship applications
        will end on April 4th, 2016.

  Scholarship for Law School from the American Bar Association
    American Bar Association (ABA) Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund
     -- 2016-2017 Application
        2016-2017 Deadline: ALL completed scanned applications
        must be received on or before March 2, 2016.
        (Read submission directions carefully; mailed applications not accepted.)  

     Check Here for participating Law Schools.

Scholarships for U.S. American Indian including State-Recognized Tribes
Membership in Organization Required

  Native American Journalist Association:
    2016 NAJA Scholarship
     Each year NAJA offers scholarships ranging from $500-$3,000 to Native American
     students pursuing journalism degrees at a higher learning institution. To
     apply, students must be current paid members. Annual memberships cost $10
     for high school students and $20 for college students. Any Native American
     graduating high school senior or college student pursuing a
     career in radio, television or print (newspaper) journalism.

     Deadline for applying is April 30, 2016.

  American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES):
     AISES offers a variety of scholarships to its members.
    For scholarship information in STEM fields go here.
    Sign up for updates at: Join Our Email List

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