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Frank Ramirez
Special Advisor to Lipan Apache Tribe
Office of the Chairman

(left to right) Don Loudner (Commander, Nation'l American Indians Veterans), Assist. Sec. Tammy Duckworth (US Dept of Veterans Affairs) and Frank Ramirez (Lipan tribal special advisor and NAIV representation)

(left to right)- Don Loudner (NAIV), James Overman (Oneida Tribe, NAIV Director) and Frank Ramirez (Lipan tribal special advisor and NAIV representation).
National American Indian Veterans, Inc.
January 18-20, 2010

Dear Tribal Members,

In January, 2010, I was in Washington DC with Mr. Don Loudner, the National Commander of the National American Indian Veterans Inc. We met with 10 Congressional members and/or their staff to discuss:

    1. Granting a Congressional Charter to American Indian Vets,
    2. Protecting the Water Rights of American Indians, and
    3. Establishing VA Community Health Clinics on Tribal Lands.

We also met with Assistant Secretary L. Tammy Duckworth, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

The meetings were very successful. The House passed the 4 Tribal Water bills and they are now sent to the Senate. We delivered written requests for Congress to approve the Indian Congressional Charter. We made great progress on the placement of a VA Community Clinic on Tribal Lands. It was a very successful trip and one in which the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas had a significant part in its success.

Frank Ramirez

(left to right) Frank Ramirez (special advisor to the tribe) and Chairman Bernard Barcena (Lipan Apache Tribe Chairman)
Frank Ramirez with (Left to Right) Mission Specialist Patrick Forrester, National Commander Don Loudner (NAIV), Mission Specialist Jose Hernandez and Christer Fuglesang—Photo Credit: Stacey Brooks, NASA
President Obama's Tribal Nations Conference
November 5, 2009

Dear Tribal Members,

On November 5th, I attended the President's Tribal Nations Conference at the White House. THIS WAS TRULY A HISTORIC EVENT FOR TRIBAL LEADERS AND A HONOR FOR THE LIPAN APACHE TRIBE OF TEXAS TO BE AN INVITED ATTENDEE.... The following is a summary of my trip to Washington DC to meet with President Obama, many of his Cabinet Members, US Senators and US Congressman in an action packed 3 days.... learn more

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