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Tribe Member Lydia Lerma Helps Frontline Workers
Making Face Masks in Covid-19 Response

Tribe Member Helping During the Covid-19 Pandemic

by Leroy Pena
April 18, 2020

            Lipan Apache Tribe member Lydia Lerma of Ft. Collins Colorado is doing her part in making sure that our nurses, clinicians, and others on the front line have face masks to perform their daily duties during the Covid-19 pandemic. She is making the masks while still working from home as a Data Management Engineer for insight Global at HP Inc. Lydia explains, "I initially began making masks because my coworker's wife is an RN and has the same type of asthma I do. I was worried about her exposure to the virus so I began making masks for her and her coworkers."

"I then was added to a FB group of seamstresses and a woman reached out to me directly to explain how her husband, an ER doctor, and his entire team had NO masks whatsoever. She asked for masks and I began making some for their ER team. Then I saw other RNs begging for masks, frightened and scared to do their jobs, and I began shipping masks all over the country.

"I've had front-line workeers (retail, delivery drivers, home healthcare, homeless advocates, elderly caregivers) asks for masks and so I prioritize based on urgency. I have also had people volunteer to help."

"Although it feels like such a small gesture, our front-liners need our support. They need to know we care and we are doing everything we can to help them. They are putting themselve and their families at risk and this seems like the least I can do to help. I am working my day job remotely and sew in the evenings."

To date, Lydia has made and sent over 200 masks, and counting, to medical personnel and other front-liners around the country. She does not charge for the masks and this service. We are so proud of you, Lydia, in how you represent our tribe during this worldwide medical emergency.

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