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News from Warrior Jason Pompa in Afghanistan
Tribe's Flag Flown Over Afghanistan

Danzho to all

        In June,2009, the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas flag was flown on an Apache helicopter in a combat mission in Afghanistan. This is a great honor. Although many flags are flown during training and other non-combat missions, it is a rare thing for the U.S. military to fly a secondary flag, such as our Tribal flag, during battle. The Tribe thanks our brave warrior, Jason Pompa, for coordinating this great honor and deeply thanks him for his service to his country and to his People. Jason will bring the Tribal flag, along with a certificate stating that it was flown in combat, with him when he returns from his tour of duty and visits the Tribal Museum in Corpus. We pray for Jason's safe return.


Nancy Minor,
Tribal Historian

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