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General Council Meeting Minutes
December 23, 2008

Meeting opened at Sunrise Mall in the new Lipan Apache Culture center Museum at Noon.

Present were Chairman Barcena, Vice-Chairman Soto, Treasurer Juan Soliz, Homeland Administrator Castillo, and Council member Joanna Soliz. Tribal Historian Minor, Tribal Genealogist Harmon and Tribal Administartor Larew were in attendance. NAGPRA advisor Laryy Running Turtle. Absent Secretary Castro C/m Cornejo.

Tribal Card issuance policy as stipulated on web site accepted by Chairman as policy.

Lease approved. Tom Motion, Joanna 2nd , passed unanimously.

Roll presented and approved with caveat that all members in a family with a common Lipan heir are to be accepted with genealogy tying them to that ancestor. There is no need to do duplicate work on common heirs. Joanna motion, Tom 2nd, passed unanimously.

Budget, projected costs, and loans associated with developing Museum, store and Culture center approved in amount of approximately $23,000.00. Interest rate on payback is zero per cent. Projected term is 120 days from August 23, 2008. Robert motion, Tom 2nd, passed unanimously.

Treasurer reports $83.42 in bank. No other bills at present.

Buffalo corral to be completed in the coming month for the two buffalo in Mcallen.

New check writing policy approved. Bernard or Bill are the only two who can issue a check request. Only Treasurer Juan Soliz can write a check. No check can be written without a check request. Joanna motioned, Robert 2nd. passed unanimously.

Reports from council members focused on moving forward with the Museum and fund raising. Cabral-Bonilla family reported a pledge of $1,000.00.

Web site to be updated with a donation tab written through a Pay Pal account. Chairman and Treasurer are the only two with password to access transfer from Pay Pal to Tribe.

Permission to seek grants to purchase old Mervyn’s store approved. Sale price for 83,000square feet is $1.5 million. Dr. Ridge Hammons to assist in grant applications. Tom motioned. Joanna 2nd, passed unanimously.

Approve search for Tribal office manger at a minimum wage rate. Juan motioned, Joanna 2nd, passed unanimously.

Fund raising presentation by special guest Jo Woolsey. Plan to have lunches at Katz for major donors and a $100.00 per couple party October 2nd at Portabello’s restaurant. All General Council members urged to attend.

Boy Scout troop #1491 under the leadership of Tom Castillo is accepted by the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas. Juan, Motioned, Robert 2nd, passed unanimously.

Acceptance of and creation of Lipan Apache linguistic studies group headed by linguistic studies expert David Gohre. Juan motioned, Joanna 2nd, passed unanimously.

Input from public:
       Locinda Garcia will work on two murals for Museum.
       Betty Russell offered ideas to have more Lipan involvement with meetings.
       Letters to the Chairman section to be added to the web site.
       Larry Running Turtle updated Ennis Joslin work on repatriation and funding for a
           monument to commemorate the Ancestral burial site on Ennis Joslin.
       The Lipan Apache will be honored immediately after the Karankawa.
       Chairman Barcena and Council acknowledged the honor.

Criteria “C” gifted to the Tribe by Tribal Historian Nancy Minor along with a CD with a complete, true and accurate history of the Lipan Apache.

Research room of museum named the “Nancy Mcgown Minor Archive and Research Facility”. Passed by acclamation.

Special note and thanks to Bill and Patty Beasley for filming and documenting our Tribe as we gather together again as a Great Nation…Bernard Barcena.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 2:30 PM.

Everyone enjoyed sandwiches, drinks, deserts and banana pudding after the meeting.

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