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Dear Museum Keepers,

Your Museum continues to amaze and teach so many visitors. You are the ones that keep the flame of knowledge alive, even if you canít be here. All of our exhibits tell the Lipan Apache story in such a way that all of the tribe can be proud of their collective heritage.

The funds we receive also maintain the Tribe's office. Without your donations, the Tribe would cease doing business. We would no longer be able to house securely your records and print Tribal ID Cards.

The Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas has a presence in the State of Texas because of your help. Letís keep the lights on and the doors open.

Any monthly donations we collect are so important. We do not receive any funds from any government or outside source. All your General Council and other staff/workers are VOLUNTEERS so none of your contribution will go to these generous souls. As it was in the past, it is true todayÖ.it is the Lipan Apache themselves who will keep their culture alive and healthy.

Some people can give $10.00 or $20.00 or even more. Every dollar counts.* CLICK HERE for Mail-In Pledge Card for monthly support. For your online convenience, you can also donate online to Museum Keeper through our PayPal services at "Donate Now"--just become a Monthly-Donation Subscriber and add a note that this is for the Museum and Cultural Center

Thank you from the General Council of the Lipan Apache Tribe.

*For those of you that have given, thank you and see you next month.

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