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To Nancy, My dearest Sister and Friend

I met a wonderful lady the day I came to the opening of the Museum in Corpus Christi, Once we talked I made a friend, a mentor a shoulder to give me inspiration, and a Researcher who would double check my work and find what I had found.

The greatest Shepard was our Lord Jesus Christ, who tended to his sheep, and when one was lost, he left his flock to tend to the lost one. This is how I see Nancy Minor, the 2nd to Jesus -- shepard that ever lived.

You spread your wings upon our people as you spread your love upon us all. The wings of an eagle spread out for all to see, as a wonderful sister joined the creator’s house for the day had come to be at rest. Much was needed to get done, he said, "Enough, I need you more." She left with smiles on her face, without a question, she join her Lord God Creator of heaven and earth.

She touched our family with the love that no conditions were placed or keys could lock. She encouraged my young grand children and inspired them without a thought.

As one of mine, a young girl stands before her resting place, and said to her, "Thank you, my dearest Auntie. Thank you for telling me to be an anthropologist for my people. As young as I was then, my happy heart is jumping now as the week before you passed away, I told you that upon my gradutation I would go to college in Corpus to study Anthropology as you advised. Your voice of joy and cheers of happiness you gave to me as you said, too, 'YOU SEE, YOU SEE, YOUR POTENTIAL IS GREAT AND YOU WILL BE SO GREAT!' I, Christy Cruz, will never forget that you told me I could do anything. Thank you so much, my dearest Auntie."

You are never far away my dearest sister and friend. You are never far. Now I know that upon your arrival in heaven, you sat with The Greatest Shepard and said to him “O.K. My Lord take a 10 minute coffee break, I will tend to your sheep." This is how I see our sister Nancy, tending to her people, the Lipan Apache tribe of Texas. Never leaving us unattended, she is a guardian Angel for us now. You live forever in our hearts and in our souls! Thank you, Nancy, thank you for the love and encouragement you gave to me and my family. The Guzman, Cruz, Solis, Alanis, and Hernandez family offer the family of Nancy our love and comport in their time of need. The smiling rain poured upon our head at the resting place. A true love poured the day you left us. Now we know, you never will be far from us.

Alma Cruz

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