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Raffle Fundraiser for
Lipan Apache Little Breech Cloth Band's
48th Annual
Dak’éé sí Pow Wow

fundraising thermometer Dear Friends:

I pray all is well. As you know, it is pow wow time again. On October 27th we will be having our 48TH ANNUAL DAK’ÉÉ SÍ POW WOW which will be at the Lark Community Center in McAllen Texas. A flyer will be attached to this newsletter. The average cost for the pow wow is about $5,000. So I now start our fundraising to pay for the pow wow. We still need about $500. We are trying to raise funds to pay it off and you can donate one of two ways, raffle tickets or donations, mail-in or online.

First of all, we are having a raffle. We have a raffle with five quality items donated by our members:
  1. A Traditional Woman's Shawl
  2. A Kachina Doll
  3. A 3-inch Rosette Necklace
  4. A Beaded Cross
  5. A 12-inch Dream Catcher

Tickets are for one dollar, each with five chances of winning. We are trying to get 400 people to, at least, buy one sheet of 10 tickets for $10. A fundraising thermometer indicating funds raised so far will be posted bi-weekly on this page but more frequently as the pow wow day approaches. (Tickets can be bought up to the day before the pow pow--Oct 27--if you use the online pay donate option and just let us know through a note that you are buying raffle tickets.) If you mail in the tickets, take into account the time that the Post Office takes to deliver mail from your home to McAllen. Mail in address is posted on the tickets. Two ways to purchase the tickets are:
  1. Print out a ticket sheet (see link below). Fill and mail with $10 per sheet to address on the ticket sheet; or,
  2. Purchase the tickets online at $10 per sheet through Son Tree Native Path at or the "Donate Now" page: Include a note stating that the money is for "pow wow raffle tickets." We will fill the sheet for you with your name and information.

Please consider helping us sell tickets to your family and friends. Print as many ticket sheets as needed and take them to work, church, or family gatherings.

Second, we could also use your generous donations. You can give through either the tribe or the sponsoring church. All donations are tax deductible. If you wish to donate for this you can do it through check or our online donation pages through the following:
  1. By mail, send your check to McAllen Grace Brethren Church at:

              McAllen Grace Brethren Church
              PO Box 3751
              McAllen TX 78502

    or to the Lipan Apache Tribe at:

              Lipan Apache Tribe
              PO Box 5218
              McAllen TX 78502

  2. By Online Donations through Son Tree Native Path or the Lipan Apache Tribe: (Click on Donate Button)

If you are a vendor interested in setting up a space at our Pow Wow, call 956-648-8129 for information. Please leave a message if no one answers.

See below for the links to the ticket sheet and the Pow Wow flyer.

We thank you for your support and any donation of any size will help us tremendously. Help us make this pow wow a great success. By the way, if anyone comes to the pow wow on Friday, our Native Church will be having a small barbecue on Friday night starting at 6:30 PM. About 8:00 PM, we will conduct a short Native service. If you plan to come, let us know to make sure we have enough food.

God bless,

Robert Soto
Little Breech Cloth Band
Pastor, McAllen Grace Brethern Church
Lipan Apache Tribe Vice-Chairman

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