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Gloria Bumgart
U.S. Navy
First Class Petty Officer, Retired

      I am proud to have served my country and I commend all those who have served and are serving in any of the armed forces. Having been deployed during Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, Project Restore Hope and Project Comfort, I understand the loneliness and stress that we all experience from being separated from our loved ones and from working under strenuous conditions. But I also understand that in order to maintain the “freedom” of the United States of America it was necessary for me to fulfill my obligations of sea and oversea tours along with my stateside tours. I understand that “freedom” should not be taken for granted and must be preserved at all cost. It is with this same commitment and pride that I commit myself in the fight for our Lipan Apache recognition rights. Having stood guard over the safety and freedom of the United States of America, it is now time to stand proudly with my brother and sisters and fight for the recognition and benefits that rightfully belong to the Lipan Apache.

Gloria Bumgart
Aviation Storekeeper First Class Petty Officer, USN Retired
Four Bears/ Red Sun by the Mountain Clans & Old Snake/Two Big Snakes Clan

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