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Joaquin Guerrero
Police Officer


About: Joaquin Guerrero
           Police Officer

      Guerrero is a sought after K9 trainer/instructor, having owned five German shepherd trained police/service dogs in the last 15 years. He is a certified trainer for the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers (NAPCH) and teaches an obedience course for civilians at Apache Acres, his own K9 training center and facility. A 22-year police veteran, Guerrero also teaches K9 Roll Call and Field Tactics for K9 Back-up at the Delta Police Academy. He is also certified to train in Basic Firearms, National Rifle Association (NRA), Personal Protection, Advanced Tactical K9 Training, and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) courses in prevention and response of explosives.

      In 2010 Guerrero trained at the Israeli Military Industries (IMI) Academy in Israel for Advanced Security and Anti-Terror Unit.

From: Joaquin Guerrero

Dear Friends,

      As a new member of the Lipan Apache, I am happy to introduce myself to the tribe.

      I am a 23-year police veteran; 22 years with the City of Saginaw Police Department (Michigan) and I am now with the Oakley Police Department part-time. For 15 of my years with Saginaw I worked in the K9 unit with my two loyal partners, Rookie I and Rookie II. The first Rookie and I responded to Ground Zero immediately after 9/11 and worked search-and-rescue on the pile of debris for 7 days. Sadly, Rookie got cancer in his jaw, most likely from the toxins in the crushed tower debris. Despite everyone’s efforts to save Rookie, he died in 2004 and received an honorary memorial service.

      I wrote a memoir about Rookie’s service to his community, a book that is intended to bring recognition to all K9 handlers across America and their loyal partners. The book is called “Michigan & Rookie: Guardians of the Night” and it was released last September in time for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The book is written for all ages, young and old, a true family story.

      While working for the City of Saginaw Police Department, I founded Precinct 131, a nonprofit organization with Rookie as the mascot. The program was set up as an anti-substance abuse education for young school kids. I have taken those same principles and adapted them into Operation Broken Arrow, specifically designed for children and youth in Native American communities and schools. I also founded the Apache Acres Training Facility and Kennel at my home in Hemlock, Michigan where I teach obedience and K9 training.

      I am very much looking forward to learning more about the history of the Lipan Apache. I have enjoyed meeting some of you already.


Joaquin Guerrero

Michigan and Rookie: Guardians of the Night is available from Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Amazon, and fine booksellers everywhere.

By Joaquin Guerrero
As told to Barbara Marshak

Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press, Minneapolis
Release Date: August 2011
Nonprofit: Proceeds go to Precinct 131,
a multifaceted ministry based in Saginaw, Michigan

“A story of goodheartedness and faith.”

Book Summary: It’s been said there is no bond greater than between a K9 handler and his partner. In Saginaw, Michigan—a city plagued with gang violence—Officer Joaquin Guerrero sensed God’s call to work the dangerous night streets with his K9 partner, a ninety-pound German shepherd police dog named Rookie. With Rookie as his mascot, Joaquin created Precinct 131, an educational program to keep kids from turning to gangs.

      On 9/11, Joaquin and Rookie responded to Ground Zero to help in the search efforts. For seven long days the pair worked “The Pile” with a never-give-up spirit. Michigan and Rookie: Guardians of the Night is a remarkable story of service to community and country.


Precinct 131: Guerrero created Precinct 131 as an educational program for pre-DARE kids to say “No!” to the gangs, guns, drugs, and violence so prevalent in Saginaw. What began as a short K9 demo in elementary classrooms, blossomed into a multifaceted ministry that has reached tens of thousands. Since its inception Guerrero has made thousands of public appearances with his dogs at schools and community events, from single classrooms and Vacation Bible Schools to high school assemblies and graduating classes at the police academy. Precinct 131 has participated in every kind of charitable function from Shop with a SWAT/HERO (taking underprivileged kids Christmas shopping) to collecting supplies for victims of Hurricane Katrina to the Blessings of the Badges.

      One outreach of Precinct 131 is a Bible program Joaquin created called Project Guardian Angel. Whenever an officer (or fire fighter or serviceman) has been through a really tough situation, Joaquin gives them a special Bible designed specifically to fit their career (police officers, fire fighters, and all five branches of the military). Joaquin has handed out personally embossed Bibles to all the members of his own police department, and many more to neighboring jurisdictions, giving out over 400 Bibles since its inception. Joaquin feels with their own name embossed on the cover, they are more likely to keep—and use—the Bible.

      Guerrero’s desire for 2011 is to adapt Precinct 131, now thirteen years strong, into Operation Broken Arrow and bring the same type of anti-substance abuse program into Native American communities and schools.


What others are saying about
Michigan and Rookie: Guardians of the Night:

“Through Precinct 131, Joaquin made it his mission to make a positive impact in the lives of young children. What began as a short K9 demo in school classrooms, blossomed into a multifaceted ministry that reached tens of thousands! In their years of committed service together Joaquin and Rookie provided true, heartfelt definition to the meaning of ‘civil service.’ This inspiring story will empower and captivate readers everywhere!”
             Mike Goschka, Former Michigan State Senator

“Officer Guerrero and Rookie was one of the hardest working canine teams we’ve had the pleasure of working with, evidenced in the pages of this book. Above all, they helped make this world a better place.”
             Terry and Diane Schoenbach,
               Trainers/Consultants of ATF Special Response K9 Teams,
               Homeland Security

“Joaquin Guerrero used his canine partners for the betterment of all people…from community relations, to routine patrol, to his service at Ground Zero. This book shines a light on a K9 handler dedicated to utilizing his canine partner to the fullest.”
             Terry Foley, Master Trainer, K9 Academy Training Facility,
               President of the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers

“Joaquin’s desire to serve is so deep that he will go wherever he is most needed… regardless of the danger. Despite the difficulties he has encountered, Joaquin remains a man who is walking tall on life’s journey. This book will lift the spirit of all who read it.”
             Paul LaRoche, Native American Cultural Role Model and Keynote Speaker,
               Award-winning Native American Recording Artist

Contact and Booking Information:

Joaquin Guerrero
President & Founder of Precinct 131
           Barbara Marshak
Author & Freelance Writer

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