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Phillip Cornejo
U.S. Army

      SGT Phillip Cornejo was born in Mission Hills, California and is a member of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas. On September 7, 1987, while still in high school, he enlisted in Army's delayed entry program. He and his family moved to Hawaii in 2005. SGT Cornejo is a dedicated family man, involving his family in activities to instill the ideals of “collective” upbringing as important today as when he was growing up. SGT Phillip Cornejo served from 1987 to 1991 with the U.S. Army as an infantryman, 2003 to 2006 as a Navy Corpsman with the Marine Base Kaneohe Clinic, and finally before his retirement in Jan 2010 he served as an Army Medic/LPN with the Hawaii Army National Guard. While on active duty as a Mixed Martial Arts Coach SGT Cornejo received life changing injuries to his left ankle, foot, left and right hip and lower back. Because of these injuries SGT Cornejo is now a Retired Disabled Veteran since Jan 2010.

1. AWARDS and RECOGNITIONS (Military and Civilian)
   •  Navy & Marine Corps Achievement
   •  Army Good Conduct
   •  National Defense
   •  Southwest Asia Service w/2 bronze stars
   •  Global War on Terrorism Service
   •  Armed Forces Reserve w/M device
   •  Army Service
   •  Army Overseas Service
   •  Kuwait Liberation Saudi Arabia
   •  Kuwait Liberation Kuwait
   •  Expert Infantry Badge
   •  Combat Infantry Badge
   •  Driver Mechanics Badge
   •  German Schuetzenschnur – Foreign Award – Bronze
   •  Honor Graduate – Recognized Top LPN Graduate Nurse for Graduating class COD 2003
   •  Black Belt Certification in Kosho Shorei Kenpo Karate under Sensei Jeff Rackleff and Master Ray Arquella
   •  Recognized by local Radio Station, local newspapers, local news stations, and Tripler Army Medical Warrior Transition Battalion for overcoming and meritorious service in overcoming obsticles by completing 8 mile marathon in broken hospital wheelchair with CPT Neumann, Maj. Tugas, and SGT Burnett.
   •  Society of American Indian Government Employee’s (SAIGE) National Awardee-2008 Excellence in Diversity Award.
   •  Received Letter of Merritorious Service from Lt. Gen. Bloom of the Hawaii National Guard-For SAIGE Award March 2009.

   •  Army
   •  Infantryman: 1987 to 1993 - Honorable
   •  Medic: - 2006 – Jan 2010 – Honorable Permanent Retirement Disabled List (PRDL)
   •  Navy
   •  Navy Corpsman: Kaneohe Marine Corps Base: 2004 – 2006 – Honorable
   •  Theaters of Battle:
   •  C. Co. 5/16 Devil Ranger Battalion 1st infantry Division Based in Ft. Riley Kansas
   •  Desert Shield
   •  Neutral Zone – Saudi Arabia (between Nisab and Wadi al-Batin)
   •  Desert Storm
   •  Rugi Pocket
   •  Breach
   •  73 Easting
   •  Medina Ridge
   •  PL Bullet
   •  Obj Norfolk, Bonn, Dorset
   •  Minden
   •  Waterloo & Varsity
   •  Liberation of Kuwait
   •  Safwan (Security Detail for Peace Talks)
   •  California Army National Guard 1992
   •  Los Angeles - Los Angeles Riots (Rodney King Riots)
   •  Watts
   •  Compton
   •  Baldwin Park
   •  Grape Street Post Office

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