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Sgt. Phillip Cornejo
Army Infantry/Navy Corps, Veteran/Retired


About: Phillip Cornejo
           Army Infantry/Navy corps,

      Tribe member Phillip Cornejo is a retired, disabled Army/Navy Vet who utilizes his Apache perspectives on life as he continues to grow with his family and community. He teaches and speaks about Native American issues including Native American diversity and life skills such as tracking, hunting, survival skills, and consequences of interactions with the environment.

      On the Tribe’s military service webpage, Phillip shares information of interest to veterans and current service members, information about their rights to benefits through Social Security Disability, the Veterans Administration (VA) and its initiatives, and the Wounded Warrior Project (AW2). Before retiring from the armed forces, Phillip worked as the Diversity Manager for Native Americans for the State of Hawaii/Hawaii National Guard. He also shares his insights and information pertaining to diversity and Native American recognition in the military and workforce.



Dear Friends,

       Sorry my article has been late in coming, but I have been waiting to get a reprint of an article approved that discusses new PTSD treatment for Veterans. However, as most things go with big organizations, it is slow in getting approved. Therefore, in the interim I thought you might like to have the regulation that covers the VA buying and maintaining “Sport Recreational and Leisure Equipment” for Veterans and how to get the process done. Before I told you that the VA prosthetics department helps with this. Well, recently I also found out that the VA Vocational Rehabilitation program will also help provide different equipment to help you get back into shape as well. The issue is usually that most local offices for some unknown reason don’t like to let people know about this little secret and often times you are met with simple short NO answers. Well, I have included the regulations that currently govern the purchase of prosthetics, sport leisure, and sports recreational equipment for use by the veteran and maintained at the cost of the VA issuing office.......

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Mental Health Services and PTSD

       I can’t tell you the date anymore; most likely it was the second day of our attack and push into Iraq. I can’t remember the time of the day, all I remember is the smoke and the gray clouds that covered the sky. This day of the attack our track had just shut down from engine trouble, if I remember right it was just after we rolled through an anti-personnel mine field, maybe that had something to do with it, maybe not, but we were all shook up after that. They hitched our Bradley fighting vehicle to another Bradley and we, the dismounted infantry, all piled in the back to be pulled around during the fighting. It was scary, surreal, like a dream. Then it happened – enemy contact to our 10 O’clock, Iraqi tank. Orders were given and the sound of the TOW missile leaving its carriage with a loud swoosh and the loud pop and explosion.

       The explosions are not like on the movies, they are more like a big bang with smoke and the turrets sometimes would pop-up off the tanks......

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Veteran's Administration's Agent Orange Program

      In her six part series story on Vietnam and Agent Orange, Connie Schultz writes,

“Between 1962 and 1971, at airports and American operations centers throughout South Vietnam, the U.S. military stored, mixed, handled and loaded onto airplanes more than 20 million gallons of herbicide. Early on, U.S. planes dropped pamphlets written in Vietnamese, assuring farmers that the chemicals were harmless to humans and animals. Today, more than 2 million acres in Vietnam remain barren. Numerous studies have shown that "hot spots" on the perimeter of former U.S. bases in the south still leach dioxin into the soil, contaminating water, vegetation, wildlife -- and people” (2011).

      The legacy of the Vietnam War is still felt today by our veterans and even more so by our silent Native Warriors.....

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Get Out and MOVE With the New Year!

       Jim Abbott once stated, “It's not the disability that defines you, it’s how you deal with the challenges the disability presents you with. We have an obligation to the abilities we DO have, not the disability.” Jim Abbott was born September 19, 1967, in Flint, Michigan, without a right hand. He was an All-America hurler. He played for the California Angels, the New York Yankees, the Chicago White Sox, and the Milwaukee Brewers from 1989 to 1999. In the spirit of Jim Abbott, it’s the New Year and time for resolutions to get healthier and more active....

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       Dustin Hoffman once stated, “I mean, I don't think I'm alone when I look at the homeless person or the bum or the psychotic or the drunk or the drug addict or the criminal and see their baby pictures in my mind's eye. You don't think they were cute like every other baby?” On a personal note, I also wonder – could that person be a veteran? Unfortunately, most Americans do not give any thought about the homeless situation as deeply as Mr. Hoffman or me. In fact, December and the holidays are times when many people need a home more than ever. However, the harsh reality is that many homeless vets will not sleep in a bed on Christmas night. This month, I would like to take time to recognize that there are many homeless veterans who need help during December and the incoming year of 2012....

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       Mohandas Gandhi believed that all “cultured people” have a duty to read and understand the many religions and cultures around the world. The Federal Government agrees with this principle and has worked hard to establish cultural safety programs such as diversity and equal opportunity. Within the military community Federal managerial directives commanded diversity training programs be established to highlight the many contributions Native Americans have brought with their service. Generally, equal opportunity representatives coordinate and conduct diversity training within each command. One individual stands out in my opinion is Rex Jones. Currently Rex Jones is the director of equal opportunity (EO) for Peterson Air force Base, a loving husband, father, and Grandfather..... The following is an article written by Rex Jones that celebrates Native American Diversity and brings to view the services all Native Americans have shown to this country since it’s inception....

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