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Traditional Apache Stories from
Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10
by Snake Jason Blocker

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 1


     An Apache tribe had the last of the great giant bears living near their summer camp. The giant bear lived in the cliffs near their village. The Apaches all had a high level of respect for this sacred giant bear. They would give it plenty of privacy and would thank The Creator for blessing their tribe with the giant bear’s spirit. One day a rebellious Apache boy was out hunting and spotted a rabbit in the berry bushes. He pulled his arrow back and aimed, but at that moment, ... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 2


      After the daring kill of the Thunderbirds, the Apache warrior needed help getting down the large precipice, where the Thunderbird family nested. The Apache had killed the whole family of Thunderbirds and threw their bodies off the cliff. There was no way for the Apache to climb down, and any mistake in trying to descend would surely be the death of him, from such heights. He pondered for awhile, but then he saw ... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 3


      The One Creator made all that is in the Heavens. Next, He created the world we live in. He then began creating the things that roam the earth and sky. He took some clay from Turtle Island’s back and shaped it into a magnificent form. He would create a horse and call out to Downward Wind to breathe life into it. Then the horse would go off and explore the new world. The Creator would take more clay and shape it into a bear, then ... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 4


      Of all the great birds that The Creator formed, one bird was the largest and most feared of them all. This bird was larger than the great eagles, but the great eagles still ruled all the flying creatures. The great eagles were respected, but always left these neighboring birds alone in the mighty cliffs of the center of Turtle Island. This great bird had such a massive wing span that it would sound like thunder when it flew. The Apaches called this flying creature by the name Thunder Bird.... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 5


      Long ago, after the Apaches and creatures came above ground, to Turtle Island from Underworld, there was peace for a time and a half a time. The Apaches were multiplying and becoming stronger and more skilled in hunting each season. Dragon, who ruled the land creatures, believed that soon the Apaches would be stronger than his creatures and would take over his rule of them. Dragon was a large and powerful reptile that had ... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 6


      The Apache warriors have always honored the great eagles. The great eagles are known as the chief of the Sky Tribe. In pictures and stories, the Apaches regard them as an emblem and symbol of strength, courage, and leadership. The great eagles are the guardians of the Heavens and were created by the One Creator as a helper and teacher to the Apaches. The great eagles assisted the Apaches in many battles and wars against... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 7


      The Apaches would teach their young to respect all life. The Apache elders would say “Respect all that our One Creator has made. Respect all people; respect the trees, the rivers, the rocks, all land creatures, and all sky creatures.” Most the Apaches would follow this command, but there was a young Apache boy who would not respect nature, and he would hunt without blessings or giving thanks to the One Creator. The boy would kill wild life without... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 8


      Painted Woman was considered the first mother of the Apache people. She was the mother of many children, but after a time, Dragon was afraid that they would multiple too much and become greater in power and strength than he. Dragon would smell the scent of an infant, find him or her, and eat the baby. After the loss of many infants, Painted Woman gave birth again, but this time, she... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 9


      When the Apaches, land creatures, and sky creatures came up from Underworld to Turtle Island, they went about and explored the North, South, East, and West. At that time, all lands were connected and there was no separation of oceans. They discovered new tree, plants, herbs, and flowers but they missed their old diet, medicines and color dies. The Apaches went back to Underworld and gathered seeds from all the vegetation that... READ MORE

from Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 10


      Many moons ago, when Dragon waged a series of wars against the Apache Nation, the Apache people prayed for aid from the One Creator. The Apaches had played drums and flutes, danced, sang, and meditated for blessings from above. During the first four seasons of war, the One Creator sent the Great Eagle to teach and aid the Apaches in battle. For a time and a season, the Apaches and the sky creatures kept Dragon and... READ MORE

from Jason Blocker


      Four generations ago, many Apache elders from various tribes came together on a night when the full moon bled with the color of blood. They had many disturbing visions and foretold of a time to come. It was foretold from their visions that in the end times, Turtle Island would spew back the blood that stained and stench its core. The red moon would shift and the seasons would reverse. Turtle Island would ... READ MORE

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