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Snake Blocker
U.S. Navy (USN)/U.S. Navy Reserves (USNR)

Logistics Specialist 1st Class (LS1)/Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1)


October 6, 2012
      On 6 OCT 2012, Snake Blocker received the El Jebel Shriners Medal of Honor & Certificate for meritorious service and dedication (Navy) at their 6th Annual Honor Breakfast (Honoring Men and Women in Uniform). Received from James E. Long, Shriner Potentate.

June 15, 2012
      On June 15, 2012, Petty Officer 1st Class Snake Blocker was recognized as the Military Person of the Year-Navy Reserve 2012. The award was from the Chamber of Aurora and was supported by Colorado Technical University. It was a great honor for Snake to receive this award. Among the speakers/presenters were Congressman Ed Perlmutter (whom gave Snake a flag that was flown over the Denver Capital building) and Congressman Mike Coffman. Snake Blocker also received a Certificate of Special Recognition from the Honorable Mark Udall of the US Senate/112th Congress. The event Keynote speaker was Major General Martin Whelan, USAF whom also helped present the award to Petty Officer Snake Blocker.

Traditional Apache Stories

Snake retells traditional stories in his books, Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 1 through 10. Read about "The Sacred Giant Bear and the Mosquitoes," "Scattered Feathers and the Foolish Bat," "The Impatient Snake," "The Thunder Bird," "The Split Tongue," "The Great Eagles and their Feathers and Talons," "The Marked Apache and the Rattlesnake," "Apache Boy Kills Dragon," "Tumbleweed Comes to Turtle Island," and "Dragon, Dragon Slayer, Thunderbirds, and Purity in Water," and how these stories explain battle tactics used by Apache warriors in battle.


2011 Newsletter

From: Snake Jason Blocker


I recently got promtoted to Petty Officer 1st Class (E6) in the Navy, and I also got a book deal to publish my Apache research. The book will be called Apache Life & Fighting Tactics. The book will be a combination of the life styles and worldviews of past and present Apaches along with how we fought and trained over the years up to the present. It will feature personal stories from present day Apaches and show the diversity among the varies Apaches. The book will be published by Lauric Press out of Texas.

I'm still in need of more stories from our members, so email me your info to I would like you to email me anything you can think of relating Apaches (example: myths, legends, fighting styles, quotes, history, wisdom, symbolizism, famous warriors/chief, livestyle, worldview, stories, songs, words etc). You can also include personal beliefs, personal views, personal family history, or names you would like to see in the manual to show respect and honor to our people. I also want photos.

I also met with Tyron Clark, BCA President and got a book deal to publish my biography book which will be called The Red Road. This book will be about my worldview and the Biblical principles which helped me through my life. I will open up the stories of my struggles and medical conditions which God/Jesus Christ helped me through and I will talk about my poetry, my Apache life, my fights, my military tours and my mentors. I have a lot of work to do on this book so it will take at least a year to finish writing it.

The Apache book will be published in Summer 2011 and the Biography book will be published in 2012.

I would like to thank the fans that send me weekly emails after they have been to my seminars and fights or they have watched the Deadliest Warrior Episode 1. I am honored and happy that the general public is taking such a possitive interest in our Apache culture.

Also, thank you to all those who have contributed already to my manuals. Please, continue to send me feedback and your thoughts on these books. The first two volumes, Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactics Volume I (2006) and the new Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactics Volume II (2010), equal years of research and include some never-before printed information from Apache oral history. They can be ordered by contacting me.

Snake Blocker

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