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Lipan Tribe Member Travels
with Team Indigenous Roller Derby to
2018 Roller Derby World Cup
     February 1-4, 2018, Team Indigenous, a team of 20 Indigenous women, will represent our ancestral Indigenous Nations at the Roller Derby World Cup with team members from three different continents and over 20 tribes. The Lipan Apache Tribe is proud to be represented by Team Indigenous Bench Coach, Diamond Dog (Laura Martinez). Please read Diamond Dogís bio below and the Teamís media kit to learn all about this amazing team. Also, you can also support Diamond Dog by purchasing her trading card at You can follow them on Facebook at TeamIndigenousRollerDerby on FB.

     Exciting news, You can watch a live stream of the World Cup at Roller Derby World Cup Live Streaming at Manchester, England.
Diamond Dog Bio

Team Indigenous Media Kit (scroll)

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