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From Chairman Barcena
Remember of Warriors

         I have quite often thought about the meanings of words. Expressing one's thoughts in a way that conveys the real essence of what you wish to say, What you wish your listener to understand.

         The expression I wish to lay before you, is the heartfelt definition of the word "WARRIOR". For me this word brings the image of an individual whose internal driving force causes him (or her) to serve others selflessly and without regard to their own personal being. Moral courage, sense of duty and commitment to family, ancestors and their nation are just a few of the attributes of these people.

         The N'de have a great history of true Warriors. At the museum we have a display dedicated to Five great Chiefs of the past: Poca Ropa, Cueglas, Magoosh, Flacco, and Costallitos. As leaders and warriors these honors come to them because of their deeds and not some self ascribed virtue.

         Our recent past has many names of those who have served in battles over the course of the 20th century. On our Council sits Juan Soliz, a Viet Nam veteran; also the Headman of our Elders, Gilbert Tallez who also served in Viet Nam. Also Eddie "Twoclouds" Zermeno, Phillip Cornejo and many, many others. These men have carried that spirit into the world of achieving peace in service to the people.

         Today I wish to honor three young men who have that spirit burning within them. First is Jason Rodriguez who is in his fourth tour in Iraq. The flame that burns within him has been passed from generation to generation. Next is Jason Pompa, son of Pete Pompa and grandson of Jose Pompa and nephew to Dolores Pompa, currently serving his second tour of duty in a lonely desolate outpost in Afghanistan. These two warriors whose sacrifice and sense of duty to their people bring great honor to the old ways.

         Warriors come in all sizes and when Creator chooses one to serve, the age of the warrior does not matter. Adriel Arocha is such a Warrior. When the Needville ISD said to him "Cut your hair and be like the rest of the boys." Adriel stood firm and had only one word for the school bureaucrats and that word was "NO". Adriel at age 5 understands that words mean things. When he said "No" there was nothing left to say . His deeds and desire to be N'de won the day and he kept his hair.

         I have asked the loved ones of these young men to include a short note to these young men.

         These young men epitomize the finest virtues of the Lipan Warrior. Both Jasons had taken pledges to defend and to serve and both are honoring those pledges in Afghanistan. Adriel said "NO" and stood firm and never wavered.

         As Chairman of this Tribe and Leader of our People, it is my responsibility to call attention to those who have that understanding of the way of the Warrior. This is not an honor given lightly for if it were it would dishonor all the Warriors in our nation's past.

         Jason Rodriguez, Jason Pompa, and Adriel Arocha are Lipan Apache Warriors and shall be recognized as such from this day forward.

Bernard Barcena
Chairman, Lipan Apache Tribe

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