Lipan Apache Tribe's
Covid-19 Information & Questionnaire

    Covid-19 has affected Native communities stronger than most other populations, and our tribe is no exception. But most of our information on tribe members who have suffered with or died from this disease is limited, often shared to our office by individual tribe members posting/messaging us on social media or by contacting our office asking for prayers for family who are sick with the illness or even dying. We want to know more about how Covid-19 is affecting you and others in our tribe. Your answers to the form below will help us better understand. We appreciate you taking the time to report how this disease is impacting you and/or your Lipan family. Be assured that your personal information (name, number, email, location) will not be shared with any outside sources. This page also links to accurate information on Covid protection strategies, NCAI Covid-19 news, the value of getting vaccinated against this virus, and other current updates.

    Please help us by sharing your story through the form below. If you would prefer to get in touch with us in a different way, you can email your answers to us directly at


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