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Order the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas
Flag from TME Co., Inc., at

The Lipan Apache Tribe's flag is made by TME Co., Inc., in Rhode Island. You can now order the flag directly from our Flag maker by clicking "Order the Lipan Flag Here" below with a percentage of the cost returned to the tribe.

We have requested that only one style of Flag be offered for sale. This flag can be flown indoor or outdoor. For the time being, our Tribe's flag can only be ordered directly from TME Co., Inc.

Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas -- $114.00
high-strength single/reverse polyester
3x5 ft, indoor/outdoor

Free shipping within the U.S.
For shipping outside the U.S., contact TME Co on their contact page at

To purchase the flag, go to: ORDER THE LIPAN FLAG HERE.

TME Co. will take care of the order and delivery.
For specific questions on an order, contact TME Co. by
calling them at 401-741-5177 or using their contact page at .

TME Co., Inc., offers many interesting flags on their website. See their wide selection at
There is a Lipan Apache organization that also sells their flag at TME Co. When visiting TME Co.'s website, please
DO NOT confuse this other organization's blue flag with our white flag. Our flag features the Lipan Apache Tribe's Shield (buffaloes & mountain). See picture above.

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