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Our Sacred History:

      As invaders from the Old World and their subsequent settling population entered Lipan Apache territory in the Americas, the Lipan Apache people and other American Indian tribes negotiated many treaties with the various encroaching governments/populations. In the 1700s and 1800s, the Lipan Apaches negotiated treaties with Spain, Mexico, the Adelsverein (German Nobility Society), the Republic of Texas, and the U.S. government. Our people were strong defenders of our families, but we also wanted to live in peace within our traditional territory.
August 20, 1749 Treaty of Mission Valero de Bextar with Lipan and Natagés Apaches

At the conclusion of these ceremonies, the (Apache) Indians proclaimed themselves very content and satisfied, as were the rest of (the Spanish) equally satisfied, and from here forward agreed to trade frequently at this place and with some of the population of this place, and that when one encountered the other, they would treat them as friends and brothers The same was assured by Captain Urrutia on his part and by all the Spanish.
January 30, 1799 Sierragorda Treaty

August 22, 1822 Bustamante Treaty

January 8, 1838 Treaty Between Texas and Lipan Indians

A treaty of Peace and perpetual friendship between the Republic of Texas and the Lipan tribe of Indians.

The President of the Republic of Texas being solicitous to secrure the peace and friendship of the Lipan tribe of Indias, has given James Power authority to make pledges and asurances of this wish on behalf of said Republic, and with a view to further and secure the peace and friendship of said tribe of Indians, the said James Power does hereby eter into a treaty of Peace and Perpetual friendship with Cuelgas de Castro the principal and ruling Chief of the said tribe of Lipan Indians, who is vested ith full power to act and treat for said tribe of Indians.
October 9, 1844 Tehuacana Creek Treaty Between Republic of Texas and te Comanche, Keechi, Waco, Caddo, Anadarko, Ioni, Delaware, Shawnee, Cherokee, Lipan and Tawakoni tribes of Indians

Of Peace, Friendship and Commerce. Between Republic of Texas and te Comanche, Keechi, Waco, Caddo, Anadarko, Ioni, Delaware, Shawnee, Cherokee, Lipan and Tawakoni Tribes of Indians, concluded and signed at Tehuacana Creek, on the 9th day of October in the year one thousand eight hundred ad forty four.
December 10, 1850 Spring Creek Treaty Between United States and the Comanche, Caddo, Lipan, Quapaw, Tawakoni, and Waco Tribes of Indians

...The said Indians, partie hereto are now, and agree forever to remain at peace with the United States.... The said tribes or nations, parties to this treaty, are anxious to be at peace with all nations of people with whom the United States are at peace, and it is agreed that the President shall use his exertions in such manner as he shall think proper to preserve friendly relations between the different tribes or nations, parties to this treaty, and all other nations of people....
October 28, 1851 San Saba River Treaty Between the United States and the Comanche, Lipan, Mescalero, and other Tribes of Indians

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at the council ground in the County of Bexar Texas on the San Saba River, this twentyeighthday [sic] of October one thousand eight hundred and fifty one, between John A. Rogers special agent for the Indians residing in Texas, and commissioner on the part of the United States, of the one part, and the undersigned chiefs counsellers and head men of the Comanche, Lipan, & Mescalero tribes and their associate bands in behalf of these said tribes on the other part....

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