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Book, Apache Legends & Lore of Southern New Mexico:
From the Sacred Mountain

Author: Lynda A. Sanchez

Apache Legends & Lore of Southern New Mexico

      Lynda Sánchez, author, historian and retired educator, has lived close to the Mescalero Apache reservation for more than four decades. Mescalero has incorporated part of the Lipan, Mescalero and Chiricahua bands into their beautiful mountain homelands. The author served in the Peace Corps in South America and participated in archaeological/historical research in the Blue Creek Maya country of Belize, in Mexico and at Mesa Verde National Park. She also lived in our nation’s capitol for five years where she worked in the Latino district of Washington D. C and at the historic Ford’s Theater (where Lincoln was assassinated). Sánchez has written or co-authored five books and more than 250 articles about the Southwest and Mexico for numerous publications including Arizona Highways, New Mexico Magazine and other professional Journals.

      Author and oral historian Eve Ball was her writing mentor. She traveled often with Mrs. Ball to meetings, homes and special historical places to learn firsthand the history of the region, and especially the Apache heritage. Sanchez is also an advocate for Veterans’ Legacy projects and believes that a society that does not honor and protect its past has no future.

      Apache Legends and Lore is, according to reviews, “a wonderful account and narrative written in part by a Lipan/Mescalero Apache, Percy Bigmouth. Percy’s mother was Lipan. His father was a Scout and a tribal police officer during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This book describes the importance of storytelling as a vital and vivid tradition in Apache life. Percy Bigmouth was a prominent oral historian of the Mescalero and Lipan Apaches. He realized in the early twentieth century that the old ways were waning. He was bothered by the fact that tradition was being destroyed... “too much of a white people’s way” he noted. Author Sánchez brings to light these ancient legends and lore of those living in the shadow of Mescalero’s Sacred Mountain. It also reveals Percy’s understanding of Lipan history and legends as told to him by his mother. Seventy-five years in the making, this collection and general history is a living tribute to a way of life nearly lost to history.”

      For questions about the book contact author Sánchez at 575 653-4821 or Lynda Sanchez

About the Author as cited from Wild West Magazine by Candy Moulton : A passion for people and places prompted Lynda Sánchez to join the Peace Corps as a young woman. She worked in Colombia and explored parts of Belize and Mexico’s Sierra Madre. Returning to Washington, D.C., where her father worked for the National Park Service, she participated in a program that helped people in the Latino district of the city. Sánchez later taught and became an archaeologist, a role that took her to Mesa Verde National Park to do research. She soon married and had a daughter, but then tragically lost her husband, a wildlife biologist, when the plane he and three others were using to count bighorn sheep in Canyonlands National Park crashed. Sánchez took her daughter to Texas [Big Bend] to be with family, and later to Lincoln, N.M., where she again taught and worked on historic preservation efforts. There she remarried and was soon assisting historian Eve Ball, known for her writings on the Mescalero and Chiricahua Apaches. Sánchez and Ball became friends and co-writers. They coauthored Indeh: An Apache Odyssey with contributor Nora Henn. Sánchez also wrote Eve Ball, Woman Among Men: A Photo Essay. Her latest book is Apache Legends & Lore of Southern New Mexico: From the Sacred Mountain (see review). Earlier she wrote Fort Stanton, An Illustrated History: Legacy of Honor, Tradition of Healing after working for many years to preserve that New Mexico post. Sánchez recently spoke to Wild West about her work.

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