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The Tribal Council

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   Tribal Shield  
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Tribal Shield Museum Display: What Do You See?

Can anything speak more for a People than the symbol they have adopted to honor their Nation? Words can be very powerful, but it is always the image that presses in you mind and in your heart.

Juan Villarreal and Tom Castillo shared ideas on how best to create an image that has meanings within meanings within meanings. Each person will read the words of the Tribal Shield story and then study each part of this Lipan symbol. Each person will see something special and to that person, that becomes a treasure within their heart....

I ask you to peer deeply into this Shield and see if you find something special to carry in your heart as an understanding of my People and our traditions.

A Scene from the Past at the Museum

So many things all People share. We are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousings, aunts, and yes grandmothers and grandfathers. We work hard to provide for our families and in the days of what you call the 19th Century, providing for a family was no different.

Veronica Russell and Susan Zernemo-Love have created the beautiful and time dated clothing for a man and woman Lipan. He hunts, and she grinds corn on a metate (donated by Alma Cruz).

Maybe today the way things are done may be different, but the similar traditions never change. Families are one, and a man and woman will provide for each other and their family....
   Tribal Shield  
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