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Dear Tribal Members:

I want to thank everyone who prayed for our travel and time with Nancy Minor's family as we celebrated - not the death of a loved one, but her life. Nancy was a remarkable lady. She went out of the way to help our tribe and it seemed like that was all she did; but there was another side to our good friend besides being a good wife and mother. Nancy had a special love for her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She committed a lot of her time to her church. I learned that she spent a lot of time praying and studying the Bible. Her pastor said there was not a verse he could speak on that she did not know. She committed her life to memorizing the Scriptures and teaching them. She was a Sunday School teacher to a bunch of teenagers. One parent told me that all her students were still active in church today. I also learned that she was a cheerleader in high school. I met some of her cheerleading teammates at the funeral. One of them told me, "There was a wild part of Nancy you guys never knew about. Man, she was a class A cheerleader!"

Many thanks also to all who were able to come to her funeral. There were tribal members from all over Texas. Most drove between 150 miles to 600 miles. One family drove from Oklahoma and another family flew in from North Carolina. I estimate there were about 50 tribal members at the funeral, maybe more.

Both Chairman Bernard and I did part of the funeral service and spoke. I had the privilege of writing a song and dedicating it to her at the service. At the cemetery, we sang an old farewell song that basically says, "until we meet again." I had the privilege to smudge and pray for Nancy at the cemetery. It was an awesome time of celebrating the life of this special lady.

Afterwards we were all invited to her church for a reception. It was invaded by a whole bunch of hungry Lipan Apaches. I was so blessed to be able to meet so many of you for the first time. We are separated by so many miles that it was good to see a face for the voice on the phone and the words I get through e-mails. I thank you for your support and prayers for Nancy.

Nancy will never be forgotten. The memories of her life will live on in all we do as Lipan Apaches. Her work and research will remain on for a long time.

God bless and thanks for your support and prayers.

Robert Soto
Vice Chairman
Lipan Apache Tribe

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