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Help Save Our Sacred Lipan Site

Dear Tribe members and friends,

     When the people of our Lipan Apache Tribe came to the land now known as the state of Texas, we established camps and settlements, and many of our ancestors were buried on land sacred to us. The burial ground of the Lipan Apache in Presidio Texas (Cementerio de los Lipanes) is such a place.

     Since the late 1780s, this sacred site in Presidio became the final resting place for many Lipan. But with no protective wall around the burial ground, our sacred site was damaged, destroyed, and disrespected as the land was settled on by others. In more recent times, neighborhoods, streets, and other city constructions were built over graves. Trespassers took away sentinel stones that were stacked over many of the remaining graves. And they also littered the site with trash. We successfully registered the Cementerio as a Texas Historical Commission (THC) State landmark Antiquities Landmark (SAL) in 2013 but this did not stop the trespassing, taking of stones, littering, and vehicles driving over the site. Last year, the City and County of Presidio transferred stewardship of what remains of the burial ground to our tribe. Now we are asking for your help to build a protective wall around it.

     To meet the Texas Historical Commission’s Texas law requirements, the wall is estimated to cost $120,000 with a deadline to get the funds by June 2022 when construction starts. This estimated price includes work by architects, engineers, surveyors, other contractors, construction workers, and the needed materials. The Big Bend Conservation Alliance will generously help with 75% of the cost but the Lipan Apache Tribe must still raise $30,000. To date (mid-March 2022), we have raised $14,000. But with the deadline looming, and still $16K to raise, we are asking your help.

     We, our tribe and its members, are the protectors of this sacred place. Please help with our Honor Our Ancestors Donation Campaign and help save our sacred Lipan site at Presidio. Donate through Paypal, Credit Card, or Venmo at Give as you can.

Would your rather send us a check? If so, please mail the check to:

Lipan Apache Tribe
P.O. Box 5218
McAllen, TX 78502

(Be sure to write in the check's note section of the check what the donation is for.)

Thank you in advance for your support!

The Lipan Apache Tribe Tribal Council

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Lipan Apache Tribe
P.O. Box 5218
McAllen, Texas 78502