Darcie Little Badger Ryan, Lipan Apache Tribe’s Storyteller Laureate

The Lipan Apache Tribe is pleased to announce Darcie Little Badger Ryan as the Tribe’s Storyteller Laureate. Darcie is an accomplished author who has featured the Lipan Apache people and the Lipan Apache Tribe in her books, short stories, articles, comics, and presentations. Throughout her writing, Darcie has demonstrated her dedication to preserving our people’s storytelling traditions while skillfully integrating elements Lipan Apache culture and history into her works of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Darcie has also served the tribe as a delegate to NCAI and the tribe’s geologists, and she has mentored our youths. She lives in California with her spouse and two dogs but spends significant time in Texas with her frequent visits to her mom’s place. In her public presentations, Darcie promotes the Lipan Apache Tribe, our struggles and success in surviving genocide. We are proud to have Darcie as an ambassador representing our tribe as the Tribe’s Storyteller Laureate.

About Darcie Little Badger’s book Sheine Lende

In her newest book, Sheine Lende, Darcie once again mixes fantasy and magic to tell the story of a Lipan girl named Shane who must use every skill at her disposal—including the ability to raise animal ghosts—to find her mother and two missing kids. Part fantasy, part mystery, fully a story of our people’s survival. The story alludes to heartfelt real events in the 60s and 70s that affected members of our tribe.

Sheine Lende is a stand-alone prequel to Darcie’s first book Elatsoe which was acclaimed as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time. For fans of Elastsoe, Sheine Lende explains how Ellie’s grandmother (young Shane) became friends with the ghost mastodon. Although a YA book, we recommend this book for young and old. Support our writers, request that your local or school library purchase the book for all to read. Sheine Lende can also be found at most local bookstores and through online merchants such as Amazon.

Lipan Apache Words:

Lipan Word to English Translation

élatsoe = hummingbird
shané łande/sheiné łende/ceiné łende/shayené łēnde = sunflower   (Note: sometimes we have different ways of spelling and pronouncing the same word.)